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What is it about?

It does not matter whether you read papers at work or documents at the university, reading faster lets you get more things done. Normal reading speed is between 200 - 300 words per minute, with some training this value can be double! Even speeds much higher have been reported. All you have to know are a few little tricks, everything else is just practice. For this purpose Speedapp.io provides eight quick lessons. Each lesson will only take a few minutes.

The exercises improve your eye movements and train your brain to focus while reading. You should do the exercises over several days, learning something new with every exercise. Our goal is to improve your personal reading speed to a level which still allows you to fully understand the content. The techniques can be used reading on paper or on-screen. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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How does it work?

Reading is a process which consists of two stages. In the first stage the eye records words and group of words. This stage itself consists of multiple activities. The actual stopping and recognizing of a word, called fixation. Then the move to the next word or group of words, called saccade. And finally the regression which denotes the activity of going back to text you've already read. While regression no or just little new information is acquired and most people do close to double the fixations actually needed. So here we have two areas which can be improved. Speedapp.io will train you to reduce the number of fixations and to generally avoid regression.

The second stage takes place in the brain, it is when you comprehend what you just looked at. The slowing effect here is subvocalization, a term that describes the habit of saying the words as you read them. Of course you are not actually saying the words, it is more subtle. You form and hear the words in your head. A crucial point in improving your reading speed is minimizing subvocalization. Going through the lessons you learn how to avoid this and other pitfalls.
There are variouse speed reading techniques and exercises to it. The Speedapp.io lessons are based on a technique outlined by Tim Ferriss in 2009.